3D printer repair work (Australia)


Hey not sure how many of the community is from Australia but I have some paying 3D printer repair/trouble shooting work.

I have one job in Melbourne and one in Sydney. Both are basic firmware setup jobs, one is a Prusa Mendel rebuild with a new MKS GEN V1.4 MB and the guy doesn’t know how to setup the firmware and the other is a Geeetech i3 DIY build that needs similar to finish it off.

Anyone how has built their own Wilson would be most likely capable of doing this work, so if you want some extra cash let me know soon.


Sometimes ago, I was facing some problem in my Brother printer like it’s cartridge was not working properly. Then I was contacted to Brother printer support for help and they have successfully resolved my issue.


Yeah sure, who do not like the extra cash. Surely, I would like to do this work. But please send me the details of the work and payment mode.
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