Anybody going to the MRRF this weekend?


I’ll be there tomorrow (Saturday, Mar 19) if anybody is attending be sure to look me up and say hi. I’ll be the one with the Wilson II :smiley:


Just got back and had a blast - this is definitely an event you want to try to make it to next year if you can!

Here’s a snapshot I took yesterday - I brought a W2 which you can see on the left (orange & green).

SeeMeCNC are the best hosts, and they brought their 10 foot tall delta printer!


I can’t find the words for that thing. Other than I want one, and stock in an ink company. I’m presuming they have filament runout prevention, or maybe multiple heads with the same filament? Might be an interesting use for a Cyclops, two rolls of the same color to not run out.


Someone took some shot of your setup :smiley:

The whole album is also nice to browse for the interested.


It turns out they use pellets with some special kind of extruder. It’s pretty cool how that works.


Hmm, link hits a 404.