Anyone have experience with aluminum honeycomb for a bed?


In an effort to stiffen my larger lower bed (~450mm^2), I’m looking at making a aluminum honeycomb sandwich. At my favorite store (Amazon), I have choices from 1/4" to 1" thickness of 1/4" cell AL honeycomb. Does anyone have experience working with this material? I’m wondering about the stiffness. Obviously putting it between 1/4" MDF sheets will do wonders over a just a MDF sheet, but I’d also like to switch to 1/8" MDF (or plywood) when making the sandwich to reduce weight a bit. Seems like the 1/4" AL may be too thin, but that’s not based on experience.

Thanks for any thought, speculations, etc.


What have you eventually done?

I’m looking at changing my bed, cause it seems to resonate. With a higher mass this will happen less quickly (at a higher speed).


I have 1/2" honeycomb material (flimsy stuff in x/y direction) and the plywood, have not made the sandwich yet. I still need to get some epoxy, what I have is too old. I have 15oz fiberglass from years past and plan on placing two layers on the inside of each piece of plywood so when I clamp it, the AL sets into the fabric some. It’s likely way overkill, and I’ll probably be able to park a car on it, but… I also plan on removing the printed bed and mounting necessary hardware to the new lower bed directly. Looks like all the required parts are on Thingiverse.