Bed Adhesion: Wolfbite Solution


I’ve tried most bed adhering tricks in the day, from hairspray, glue sticks, to creating a ABS/acetone solution, so I figured I’d give this a shot.

I’ve just picked up a bottle of this stuff: from Amazon.

I bought it based on the review from Sean at Tested:

Before now, I’ve been printing on blue painters tape.

I’m just starting my second print now, but this stuff looks like it actually works! I’m printing ABS on bare glass with an imperceptibly thin layer of this solution brushed on. Once I got my Z-offset dialed in, even fast-moves laying down small amounts of plastic seem to be sticking okay.

$20 is a lot, especially when you don’t really know what you’re getting, but it seems to be doing the job, and I think this bottle will last me for a very long time.

Anyone else try this stuff or anything else like it? It’s chemical formula seems to be a secret.


You gota try PEI! I’ve tried printing big, squaring ABS part with little to no success (Kapton, Glue stick, Air spray, ABS Juice) and now that I’ve got a PEI sheet, man oh man, it is the best!

You can print abs at 90c easily and probably lower. They sell a 12"x12" sheets on amazon for ~$15 (I think) and you’ll need a 3M high heat tape (5$ at digikey), but it’s all worth it.

It stick so hard that sometime I have trouble getting the part off. But it is the best if you want 0 wrapping with no brim.

As for Wolfbite product, I’m sure it’s quite good, but it sounds to be as much of a pain as ABS was. It did work “ok”, but applying it every single print just made me give up.


That’s right, PEI!

That was my first thought for a build surface. I may have to try that at some point as well.

So far, the Wolfbite is much easier to deal with than ABS goo. There’s no color or odor (I always had the wrong color ABS goo, discoloring the bottoms of my prints)., And a single application is supposed to last for “several” prints. I’m not sure the best way to quantify that however.