Better visibility of nozzle


I love the Wilson and think it has a very good cooling fan duct. However, I would also like to be able to see my prints a lot better. Since I mostly print small structural parts, it is always difficult to see things like the infill or if there are still bits of ooze at the beginning of a print (and its just fun to watch it printing).

So does anyone use another fan duct or layout which greatly improves the visibility of the nozzle?


Check something like this :

File i3R_Compact_E3Dv5_Clamp_01.STL

You should be able to move your cooling fan on the side with this.

I’d share my custom fan duct, but I use it as a cooling fan for my J-Head (like the one included on the E3D extruder) with no “plastic cooling fan” as I print mostly ABS.


@abelom I feel the same way. I designed this alternate one: which seems good but I haven’t put enough time on it to decide if I should officially switch to it. I also designed a very minimalist version ( which has the best visibility and may work just fine as well. If you want to try either or both please post back your experiences!


Don’t know what I expected to see there, minimalist is the best way to describe it :sweat_smile:


I printed fanduct-e3dlite6-alt.stl and tried it. It did great cooling and results on one side of the print but the other side left much to be desired. I switched back to the horns style duct that came with the kit. With the Z-probe now in the back of the X carriage I’m curious if we might be able to use two cooling fans like the Ultimaker2. The left and right orientation of the Ultimaker2 cooling design would also provide better visibility of the print from the front.


That is what I expected when I first saw that design, after reading about similar models.
A dual design would be pretty clever too! However I guess a fan duct at (even one of) the side takes away a bit of printing area, as I guess it will be wider than the servo arm.


This seems like a good “ultimaker fan design”


I found that thing :

Maybe it fit your needs?

Edit : That’s the one I was looking for today at the office


Not having played with cooling enough, do you think the air coming in un-evenly would have an effect on the print? Your current fan duct one certainly looks like it should provide an even flow over the extrusion point. I looked briefly at running a fluid dynamics simulation on it, but realized that didn’t appear to be simple and didn’t want to spend the time on it.