Broken right z-motor mount


I was working on building the Wilson II kit this weekend. I found that most of the printed parts needed a lot of cleanup. Even with heavy sanding of the z-motor mounts, the extrusions still were very tight. I used a rubber mallet to tap the left z-motor mount from the bottom up as the instructed top down was not working. After succeeding with the left mount, I tried the same with the right.

This was the result:

I’m sure I could have spent more time sanding out the inside of the mounts until the extrusions slide freely. What can I say, I’m impatient. :slight_smile:


The good news, this is not my first printer so I can print a replacement. The bad news, I only have silver PLA filament.

5 hours later, everything fits like a glove. Almost printed the matching left side, but didn’t want to wait another 5.

I think I kinda like the look of silver PLA on silver extrusions. I may end up reprinting easy to access parts over time.


Looks good. You would hate to see mine. I have the following colors: Black, yellow, green, red, purple and blue :slight_smile: Some day I’ll re-print and have a few less colors…