Cable routing options


Now that I’ve completed core assembly, its time to obsess over cable routing. :grinning:

I found a great collection of 2020 snap-ons.

I started by routing the right hand z-motor wires through the t-slot and holding it place with “2020_90Grad_cliped_2st.stl”

2 more on the inside keep everything tucked away.

1 more toward the left hand z-motor bring the 2 wire bundles together.

Using the same clip, I routed the y-motor and end stop wires along the bottom of the y-carriage. One on the inside near the motor and another on the outside near the RAMPS board.

I used the “2020_90Grad_side-ring-big.stl” to route the power cables under the y-carriage.

The rest is still a work in progress. I’ll keep experimenting with the remaining clips until I find an orientation that I like.


Could you post a picture of how everything looks attached to your RAMPS board? I’m having trouble keeping that area clean.


I’m currently in the process of printing the following RAMPS case: I’m hoping it will clear the x-motor.

Once complete I’ll be tucking most of the mess inside. I’ll definitely post pictures either way.


I really like the way this RAMPS case turned out. It’s a VERY snug fit. Once mounted, it touches the x-motor, but not enough to disrupt it’s movement. It would be great if someone could remix it to shift the mounting holes over about 5mm. Then is would be perfect for the Wilson. I’ll be cutting out the top vent to slat to make room to route the ribbon cables for the LCD.

The view from the inside. Used M5x10mm pan head screws with 2 x M5 flat washers to mount the case. The holes at both the top and bottom are great for cleanly routing wires.

The one limitation to this case is the requirement to remove the Arduino power jack. Anyone handy with a soldering iron should make short work of it.


So I still really like this case, but there is not as much room inside as I hoped. There seems to be just enough room for basic cable routing, but none of the slack. For now, I’ve just bundled them above and below the case.

I also picked up a 60x10mm fan, but because of clearance issues, I had to mount it outside the case. This required cutting away the fan guard and mounted posts from the lid, drilling holes where the posts were, and using M3x20mm screws and washers to hold everything together. I tied it all together with a 60mm fan cover.

View from the front of the Wilson.

Someday, I would like to remix this case to add about 1" more space to the left to hold the wire bundles.


Looks pretty good! I still haven’t gotten around to bundling any of my wire or managing it very well, but I did print off some of the clips you posted up above, seem pretty useful. Can I see how you handled the wires from the heated bed to the board? The way I have it configured right now there is a chance for the wire to get pressed between the bed and the end stop, offsetting the homing process.


This is temporary, but seems to keep the wires out of the way.