Cheers from Western NY


Hi all! I’ve actually had this Wilson 2 running for almost a year, but only recently got the electronics arranged the way I wanted. I made the printable parts on my scratch-built RepRap Prusa Mendel (circa 2011) and everything came out great, a testament to Marty’s fantastic design. I was initially using Ultimate Greg’s Wage’s Geared Extruder ( because I still had only 3mm filament. I’ve since printed a new extruder and converted over to 1.75mm and I’m really happy I made the change.


  • 300^3 build volume with extrusion kit purchased on Ebay
  • Silicon pad heated 3mm aluminum bed running off 120AC
  • PEI surface on hot bed
  • Slim Direct Drive Extruder with Inductive Sensor for Wilson II (
  • All electronics (except full graphics display) are in repurposed PC PS case made of aluminum and I added hinges for easy servicing. Fan is visible on bottom as there wasn’t enough room.
  • X and Y axis are with TMC drivers for near silent operation, just hear the fans and cheap linear bearings now.
  • Running on stock Marlin 1.1.8 firmware

I’m super happy with the performance of this printer. The information on this site was invaluable in component selection and build tips. Thanks to Marty for sharing his design and to all the other contributors for making this successful build possible.