Determining belt tension


This is a question probably suited even outside of the Wilson specifically, but I’m wondering what kind of guideline I should use for the belt tensioners. My y-tensioner is squeaking quite a bit, have been playing with it to try and get it to squeak less (loosening the tension, loosening the screw/washer that goes through the bearing, etc).

Is it possible the squeaking is just because I’m “breaking in” my new printer?


It probably is the plastic bearing guide rubbing against the teionioner yolk - plastic to plastic. Sometimes mine do that, and I put a drop of 3-in-1 or ptfe oil on the outside of the bearing guide and it stops. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it seems to wear in and not do it any more.


I used nylock nuts for the M4 bolts on both tensioners, so that I didn’t have to tighten down the yoke to the point of squishing against the pulley. It could also be the tensioner squeaking inside the Y-end as it rocks back and forth a little. Does it only squeak when the Y table changes direction, or does it squeak any time the table is moving?


It seems somewhat random, almost depending on where the table is located at the time. Perhaps this means it’s dependent on the amount of tension being put on by the table + belt + stepper?

I’ll try the oil. Recommended buying sources?


You can find 3-in-1 oil almost anywhere. I know Walmart sells it, and any hardware store should have it.


Heh, I should be honest. The lazy guy in me was hoping for an amazon link… :smiley: I’ll search myself, no worries


Ah! Found the right place to go for this!


Super lube combo pack!


You could just go to Lowe’s too.