Enclosure Concept


I plan to print mostly ABS, so I need a nice, warm chamber. Here’s my initial CAD for an enclosure for the WilsonII

I plan to use 1/2" MDF, in addition to a 1/4" sheet of acrylic for the front.
Overall dimensions:

  • Width: 20in
  • Depth: 28in
  • Height: 23.5in

Front View


  • Sliding Drawer underneith printer to hold tools
  • Gas Struts to raise/lower the acrylic front
  • Lid has slit for filament to feed in from spool

Opened View


  • Removable frame for easy access/servicing of printer. Base has groove routed into it, for easy alignment of the top frame.
  • Carrying handles to move both the top and the base.

Bottom View


  • Fits sliding shelf (4" tall by 20" deep)
  • Also fits PSU and the RAMPS/MEGA

Please let me know what you think. This is also a quick CAD, so specifics, (such as position/length of gas struts) may not be totally accurate. I also need to figure out where I’m going to put the LCD controller.

I enjoyed the simplicity of @AndreQ’s ikea enclosure, but that part isn’t quite big enough for the WilsonII


Is the on the Y axis? I find my bed goes quite close to the glass door when moving all the way to “200”. There’s some IKEA cabinet unit that might accomodate for that size. They don’t have a bottom, but this could easily be made out of MDF.

I really like the idea of moving the Power supply out. It’s one of my concern right now with mine, it get really hot in there and the PSU seem to suffer from it.

I also see the little Arduino/Ramps behind the drawer. +1 on that one too.

Anyway, I love the CAD work. Are those SolidWorks renderings? If you ever plan to share the files… I want a link :slight_smile:


Thanks! I made this CAD on Fusion 360. I should be able took export Solidwotks files though.

I’m still trying to work out where I’ll install the LCD controller, drawer, and hinged acrylic door. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to build it this week.

I’ve been having Betty luck on ABS parts with utilizing a brim.