Extruder Compatibility with Wilson II


Hello. I’m new to the Wilson II but it looks like a very good printer design and I am strongly considering building one. I have a question:

How difficult would it be to adapt an extruder from Lulzbot (TAZ 5) to the Wilson II? For example, I might like the ability to use their extruder design which has dual nozzles, or maybe the one which allows extrusion of flexible filaments.

Obviously, the mounting arrangement differs a bit, but I’ve noticed the core electronics differ greatly between the two systems and wondered if that might prevent the use of the Lulzbot extruders.

Many thanks!


Wilson run on a Ramp board. You shouldn’t have any problem running 2 extruders setup.

As for the mechanical par of it, the Wilson use prusa i3 style mounting holes for the extruder. Again, it shouldn’t be too complex to make some kind of adapter for Taz extruder.

On a side note, I think you can find dual direct drive extruder with i3 style mounting hole somewhere on thingiverse.