Extruder with 1.75 vs 3mm filament


Ive read many opinions on this and it probably doesnt matter for a noob but curious what you guys think.

Im trying to emulate Taz5 as much as possible and they seem to be convinced that 3mm is the way to go.
Any real life experiences with a Wilson?

It seems most wilson builds are using 1.75


I prefer 1.75, at least for a typical build with an 0.4mm nozzle. It takes less force to push through a small nozzle, allowing the use of a simple (backlash-free) direct drive extruder. 3mm filament would take much more force to push through an 0.4mm nozzle.


3mm filament flexes less than 1.75mm, so you are more limited in where you place the spool: it must have a direct flow line to the extruder. Can not talk of first hand experience, but this is what I heard.