Filament Difficulty: PETG


After my first print of that tiny quadcopter frame with carbon fiber infused PETG, I’ve had difficulty with both this filament, as well as regular PETG (Taulman TechG).

Uploading here to see if anyone else has had similar issues, or mght be able to help me diagnose how to improve this.

The base layer seems to print correctly, but as soon it starts on the infill, the material starts making a mess and not properly sticking to itself.

Currently printing at 230c with the bed at 85c


I was reading about PETG couple of hour ago. I think you might want to pump up the temperature up to 245C.

I have yet to try this material, seem like a very nice alternative to ABS.


How fast are you printing? I had a similar issue and slowed my print down to 30 mm/s which helped a lot. It’s just annoying to print so slow.


I have been playing with petg for awhile now and it is very different. Around the web, I found that it should print hotter than abs, but my experience has been the inverse. I am printing right now with results much like pla at 215 degrees. PETG is very “sticky” and tends to stick to the nozzle if it isn’t perfectly clean and it curls out of the nozzle so it always gets stuck to the sides of the nozzle. What I do is after every few prints I wipe the nozzle with a cloth with oil on it to prevent it from sticking with fairly consistent results. It also has a tendency to ooze out of the nozzle so you have to give it plenty of time to purge on the skirt (2-3 loops). What are you printing on? I am using kapton with good sticking.
I struggled getting the extruder right for petg. I kept turning the flow down when I should have done the opposite. PETG likes to be squashed down to the previous layer or it will curl back and stick to the extruder. Stick with it. I hope this helps. The filament I am using is from makergeeks.


Cool, thanks for the suggestions - I’ll give it a shot!