Finally got some printing going! Any advice on improvements appreciated!


Finally got my monster printing, not unhappy with the result, but would appreciate any feedback/ideas. The layers look pretty sweet, and it is very precise 20mm according to my verniers!

It took me 4 attempts to get to the below, but the first three were to do with a bug in cura on windows 10 not setting the filament width based on the selected material.

I’ll need to do an e steps calibration, and ditch the raft, what about the poor detail on the top?


Cool any pics of the current build.

Over extruding a touch and maybe help with the top details.

Decreasing speed a bit then the acceleration settings to see it the ringing goes away.

You could maybe try turning down the Jerk a bit as well after the others but that is a long shot.


Not the best pic.

Need to do some better cable management, cable chain is on the list.


Definitely need to do another e-step calibration!

I have the Accel at 1000 and jerk at 5, might need to take it down even more!


looks good and big. I have a 24v 300x300 bed coming from hopefully this week for the Lulzbot. I also have a Wombot 500x500 bed coming as well this week… that will be interesting too.


I think I’ll need to widen the y carriage a bit, the ends wiggle a bit while moving. I’ll try your modified y carriage first, that might be enough.


Yeah at 430mm it’s pretty wide. I was a little afraid the ali plate might need to be thicker. But yeah a wider rail would make a whole lot of difference.

Maybe the Liner Rail Y axis setup I designed is needed. I could easily design you a wider Y axis end plates if you work out a width.


That’d be freaking awesome!

I am printing now (3d benchy which is looking nice, barring one massive layer slip, I don’t think the x belt was properly in the teeth?), but I’ll measure up tomorrow and see what we can do. I think it would make it much more solid.


The width on the ‘fat’ part of the plate is 370mm - should probably move it in so the edge of the block is 5-10mm from the edges? Then there is 18mm to the center of the bearing/rod.

=324mm from center of bearing to center of bearing.


ok cool I’ll get onto that maybe later today.


FYI now that’s a Hotbed!


@Squid Here is a draft with 324mm centers So I assume you can print 362mm on your big bed.


Looks great (as always). Just doing another benchy to see if I can get it dialed in a bit more, touch wood all going well!

P.S. Checked out your cars, love the old school rally cars! I’d love to get my hands on a delta, I have a Celica GT4 Grp A


Some more progress, looking better, but still some over extrusion:


Some more progress, did some calibration cubes following triffids guide, happy with the result:

However some parts to upgrade not so great:


As of last night I think my main problem is Z-Probe repeatability. I would print one object and it would come out great, then try another and the first layer would either be way too low, to the point the extruder skips, or way too high.

I’ll have a look at the repeatability tonight, I don’t think the servo arm always makes it all the way down - so I’ll check mounting, angles etc and run some repeatability tests,



I can’t test this but it will just fit diagonally on a 300x300 bed… I am waiting for the Ali bed plate to be cut for my 300x300 bed setup on the LulzBot.

There is a test part to check the linear rail fit. try it and see how tight or loose it is for you…maybe check it against the measurements as well. My first version was tight and I just heated the rails ends a little with a heatgun and used a rubber mallet to tap them on.


Have a 600mm x 600mm bed here. Any chance you could widen your design for this size.



This setup wouldn’t be the best way to go. If you look at my LulzBot printer you will see pics of how I do large bed setups. this is the only way to go… it will handle the bed weights and there is less printing.

I have not uploaded the files to Thingiverse but I can try to find the files and send them to you.

FYI Cartesian style printers over 400x400 suffer from the weight of the bed. The 500x500 printer I built can only really run at 35mm/s but the client prints with a 1mm nozzle so the print times are reasonable.