Getting ready to print out parts



I am getting ready to print out some parts for the wilson 2. What material do you guys use ABS or PLA? With regards to the machine screws I can only get 12mm M5 will this work?


I use PLA for all the parts, either will work. Print with a high infill if you can, it will make the parts and therefore the machine more rigid.

12mm screws will NOT work - they will bottom out against the extrusions before the screw head is against the surface of the parts.


^ This!!! Took me a way to long to figure out what was wrong with my screws when I rebuilt my printer.

I had good result with a couple of washers for some of the parts, but you will need to either get shorter screws or file them down (which I also did).

PSA : Dont buy 10mm M5 from china expeting they will be 10mm long :frowning:


Awesome I am printing .24 layer height with 50% infill. I found some 10mm M5 machine screws and ordered a bunch of them


Turns out i cant print the y axis parts seems my printer is too small? What are the dimensions of the part? I have a 200x200x200 volume on my current prusa


Pebkac issue i saved the files wrong