Hello from Australia!


Hello everyone,

I’m Chris a 35 year old Software Engineer from Canberra Australia.

I’m married w 2 daughters (3 1/2 y/o, 4 weeks), I am a rugby tragic and although my body is pretty much had it, I have a few more rugby playing years in me.

I have loved the challenge of building my Mega-Wilson with a 400400400 printable area! It has appealed to my technical side, which hasn’t got out much since I have been doing more management type roles or maintaining legacy apps lately. I have had/am having a few challenges and hopefully this community will grow to one where we can all collaborate!


Hi Chris,

I am Ed, DenverEd on this forum.

Good to “meet” over reprap Wilson talk. Not familiar with your country’s layout I went to Google maps to see where Canberra is. You have a lot of water in your area! It looks to be a nice location… far enough away yet “close enough” to the larger cites. Between work and two daughters I am proud of you for fitting time in to build a 400 x 400 printbed version! I look forward to seeing images of that monster printer! You surely had challenges during the build and would love to hear what they were and what your solutions were.

I am curious right off the bat what voltage you used for the print bed, what heating element type and if you used a separate power supply for it?

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Well the build isn’t quite finished yet, I had hotend feed problems - the knockoff lite6 I got didn’t have a collet so the ptfe tube slips and becomes misaligned and filament jams, so I have ordered a genuine e3d Lite6 and will see how that goes.

As for power I have 2 30A 12v supplies. One supplies the electronics and one heated bed, the other runs the other three heated beds. All heated beds are controlled via relays. However in hindsight I may have done things differently if I had thought about it more - a mains powered silicon bed made to size is probably not only easier to configure, it might be cheaper to buy.