Help with Printing out the Wilson 2


Hi! I’m completely new to 3D printing, and a FabLab sprung up here in my town. I’ve been drooling over the idea of a 3D printer for almost 3 years now when I first heard about the RepRap design. Now I’ve got a chance to print one up. I’ve purchased some ABS material from Gizmodorks, and am ready to print. From what I’m seeing int the cura settings, your material of choice is that of PLA. Will all the settings for that work save for the extruder temp and the heatbed temp? Also the lab uses .3mm nozzle and 3mm filament. Any suggestions for this noob? :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your feedback!


I built one of Marty’s Wilson 2 printers and have been using it for a few months now. I found it necessary to tweak the settings for my printer based on how I built it (for example, z-height offset) and the PLA or ABS materials used.

I’ve not printed with ABS yet. For PLA, I purchased black material from folgertech and had success printing at 190 with a 70 degree printbed temp. For clear PLA from Folgertech, I printed at a temp of 200.

In Marty’s startup videos, he suggested using a glue stick on the glass to promote adhesion. I tried that but found it to be somewhat messy to clean-up. I think he also recommended ~50 degrees for the print bed. I initially had A LOT of issues with adhesion on my first layer but have things working very well now. Here’s what I do…

  1. Ensure the print head height is optimal. Should slightly “squash” the first layer onto the glass but not so much that it restricts flow of material from the head.

  2. Use a warm print bed temp. I had “OK” adhesion after ramping to 70 degrees but still sometimes had problems.

  3. As mentioned previously I didn’t like using the glue stick and the bare glass didn’t always adhere well for me. I even tried cleaning w/alcohol, denatured alcohol, etc. However, I eventually tried thinning some elmers (white) glue on a wet paper towel and dabbing it gently on the glass to make a very thin film. After the bed heats, the thin film is very dry and PLA sticks to it like crazy. In fact I have to let the bed cool down completely just to gently pry my printed items off of it. After a few prints, I just dab a wet paper towel on the (cooled) glass and the glue is water soluable so it sort of “resets” itself for additional prints.

Hope this helps.