How to configure homeing and endstops on a custom Wilson II


I am currently building a custom Wilson II. It basically is done but I can’t get the software part to work:

First of all, the Marlin firmware from @mrice repo are insane. They have acceleration set to 4000 and stuff like that.
Is there some more sane config you could share?

Also the endstops are not working. If I press them manually the trigger as “HIT” on the display, but when I move the axis they just ignore them and the motor eventually gets caught up and skips.

What am I doing wrong?

Also I have no endstop or automatic bed levelling for the Z-axis. How do I calibrate it?
Thanks for your help!


Did you set the jumper on your RAMP board so your stepper driver are 1/64 microstep? Mjrice value are actualy quite “slow”.

Make sure your end-stop configuration is good and check your conneciton. Furthermore, you need to “home” the axis for them to register the endstop. MJrice firmware has the end-stop disabled for Z probing (I think, might be wrong) so they won’t stop the printer if you don’t home first.

For your Z axis, you might want to look at the original Wilson TS Z end stop and implement that on your printer.


Which jumper are you talking about?

All my endstops are got since the display shows them as HIT if I trigger them. So now if I set that jumper I just press “home” on the printer and it should work?


See that :

Those set the step divider for your stepper driver. You should take a look at this page should help you with the hardware.

As for your end-stop, make sure they are not inverted or inverted (if needed) in the firmware code. You also need to check if you have X-min OR X-max. Min = Left of the printer, Max = right of the printer… oooh and your motor could be pluged backward, maybe they go right when trying to reach 0? There’s plenty of reason for those not to work, you should try looking up the reprap wiki first and see if you can pin point the problem


The motors go in the correct directions.
Thank for the image. So I guess I just put jumpers over all of the pins and will get 1/16 microstepping that way right?
I’ll also have a look at the endstop configs tomorrow, thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah you definitely need the jumpers. My ramps came with all of them installed already and if I recal correctly, they set 1/64 step with a4988 drivers.