IR Z-Probe on hot end


I recently saw another reprap using this as their z-probe.

IR Probe

Has anyone tried this yet. I’m tempted to give it a shot as it would give me back the print area lost to the rack and pinon on the z-probe.


Wow, just read up on this and I’m really tempted. I’ve never been happy with the rack and pinion anyway. $39.00 isn’t cheap, but I’m sure they’ve put considerable R&D in. I’m going to give it a go unless anyone has already tried and found it wanting?


Mine’s en route right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The total with shipping was about $45 for me. The prices on the site are all AUD


Since it uses an infrared heat sensor I wonder if it works on either a hot or cold bed?


IR can be used to detect heat, but it’s really just a wavelength of light. The bed temp won’t affect it.


Lucky me, I’m in Australia. I’ll look forward to hearing. What’s the delivery time like to where you are??


IR sensors are good but you have a few limitations to be aware of.

Printing direct on glass for say ABS of PETG etc is an issue the IR can struggle to see the glass.

A print surface of multi colours can cause issues and some colours the IR will struggle with.

Lights on you printer or even worse on you X carriage might have to be turned off when homing.

Any light from a window can do same including light and dark patches (shadows).

Apart from this and if you can work with those individual issues they are very nice.

If you want to go away from the micro switch setup the Wilsons currently use… then so far the BLtouch is the most versatile sensor. It doesn’t care what is on the bed it just works and the bed doesn’t have to have any metal or special addons to make it work like the other sensors need.


Thanks for the tips!

I’ll have to see how it works out.


I was just testing the bltouch accuracy on my new Titan aero mount. It usually is better than 0.02mm off from mean at the same point tested over thirty times. Sometimes it deviates beyond 0.03mm but it is much less than a layer height.



Just reporting back.

I’ve been using this probe for about 4 days now. The probe is very accurate and repeatable over the PCB heated bed with and without a glass plate over the top.

My biggest complain thus far is that it is sensitive to ambient light. This isn’t a huge deal as I can easy control for this in my current setup, but it is something to note. It’s also a bit of a tight fit in the stock wilson II parts, but that would be easily solved by modifying the cooling fan duct a little.

I’ll post some pictures of my setup when I get back home today.