LCD not displaying correctly and Z not getting close enough when printing


Just finished setting up the kit, I was running a homing cycle and then suddenly the screen changed to this.

I reseated the cables and everything looks good, I am guessing the screen died? Can I send prints over usb?

Also I can see enough of the menu to send the test print that is on the sd card and when it completes the cycle it is a little bit high. Before the screen went crazy it noticed a z offset in the menu is that were I change that? How would I do that from the usb?


When you press the reset button on the RAMPS board does the screen go back to normal? Try unplugging USB and pressing reset.

Z offset is increased to have the nozzle closer to the print bed at Z 0, decreased to have the nozzle further. The general rule of thumb is that you want the nozzle close enough that you can just fit a sheet of standard copy paper between the bed and nozzle.

Edit: here is Marty’s guide on tuning Z offset.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, I missed that part of the video. Sadly the reset button did not change anything.


Shoot. My screen has bugged out like that before when I has my Raspberry PI connected to the Arduino via USB and the Pi was not powered by another source. The power draw on the the Arduino was too much.

If you can get a serial console to the Arduino you may be able to set your z offset with G or M codes. That’s out of my depth so I’ll leave that advice to someone else.


You can use M212 ZX where x is your new offset. Then use M500 to save the change.

You can find more information about G and M codes here -


Look if any of the LCD pins are badly soldered. Other than that, maybe you have a faulty ribbon. Make sure you didn’t mix ribbon connector #1 with ribbon connector #2, but I think that wouldn’t light up the LCD at all.

As sais before, M212 should do the trick. This guide should help you :


So I disconnected and reconnected everything, now the LCD will only power on with a USB cable attached. When I get it to the preheat pla it does not preheat anymore. Would it be possible that Ramps is not getting enough power?