Manual bed leveling?


My kit came with the servo bed probe. It was never very trustworthy, I’ve always had to keep an eye on the resulting coefficients and stop my print if they weren’t close to what I learned works. I was excited to try the rack and pinion as it looks more trustworthy than the twitchy servo probe but I can’t get it to complete an auto home and auto bed level without crashing somewhere. So I’m left with a dilemma and I would appreciate advice from more experienced members of the community.

Should I switch back to the twitchy servo bed probe that I know worked before? Even if I do, the Marlin software has been updated extensively since my kit shipped and I’m not sure I can reproduce the firmware I had before attempting the update to the rack and pinion firmware.

Should I attempt manual bed leveling? Ideally this seems as simple as commenting our a few defines in Marlin and turning some screws very carefully. Worst case, I can’t get Marlin in order and/or I’m frequently stopping failed prints to make fine manual adjustment. What’s the deal with manual bed leveling? Is it more or less reliable than the gambit of bed probe solutions? Any tips for successfully manipulating Marlin and the Wilson II for manual bed leveling?


I agree – my experience with the current bed leveling is inconsistent. I have to watch the servo arm to ensure it probes at the same arm-angle at each point. However, Marty created a new mechanism which looks to be much better. I’ve just printed the parts for it and will hopefully have it reassembled with updated firmware by next weekend. More info here: A new way to probe the print bed (bed leveling)


I’ve been trying to implement the new mechanism but haven’t got it working completely yet. My printer’s been down for a few weeks now and I’m considering other options.