Modified Wilson II


Hi all
First off thanks Marty for a great printer
I have finished my Wilson II with no parts missing or wrong.

I decided to “slightly " modify” Mine since I had a Bowen driven E3d V6 Hot end an also i wanted to go with a capacitance probe for the bed leveling.

I also decided to go with an aluminium bed heated with a silicon heated pad (controlled via a Solid state relay)

the only things left to do is design a new hot end mount to accommodate the probe and to modify / redesign a holder for my Large LCD.




I made this thing to fit the graphical LCD on my Wilson TS.

You need the case that I linked in the description to make everything works.

I also made a simple sensor mount that fit on the left of the etruder. I’d print that in ABS because my first PLA version was drooping from the heat of the extruder.


Thanks Andre saved me a lot of time

the LCD mounts are printing now




Don’t forget to print the case, it’s needed as it’s bolted on the mounts.


I’ve got the same display for mine, and modified the mount and case to fit the Wilson II


I tried printing your LCD mounts last night for use with

I’m not sure why the holes are off.It has the same spacing as the original case it was remixed from.


You need this one Bottom_Case_FGD-_pockets.stl

I’ve used some of the pocket whole with m3 nuts to mount my bracket.

But as I look at your case, there seem to be standard mounting holes. I’ll try to find the source of my bracket and update them to fit your case.

I may have lost the sources files in an SSD crash, but I can’t confirm this until tonight :disappointed_relieved:


Awesome. I think I misunderstood your description on thingiverse. By “pocket” version, I was thinking the modified cutout for the SD card in the remix I printed.

Also, out of curiosity, was the gap between the overhang and 2020 extrusion intentional? If so, what do you use it for? Pictures of the back of your controller would be helpful.

Thanks again!


I’ll take into account you’re talking about the longer piece. It has this curved overhang to accomodate for Wilson TS top left corner bracket. It is fixed Vertical on the left most 2020 extrusion. It may not work with Wilson 2 top left bracket.

You could use 2 of the smaller piece and mount it directly on the top 2020 extrusion if needed.

Edit : Here’s a version with the mounting screw directly in front of the hole on your version. I don’t know how someone would screw that on, since the case need to be closed shut before installing the legs :S.


Very cool. I’ll print it up and give it a try. Thanks again!


I had already printed 2 of your “v1” short standoffs so I had no problem cutting off the tops. The holes of your v2 line up perfectly, but as you said, they block the top holes that close the case.

While not the nicest looking, it will work for now. Thanks!