PICA config under Marlin


Hi all-

I swapped out a RAMPS for a PICA revE board today and things didnt go as smoothly as I had hoped. I had solid working config in Marlin 1.1.8 with a RAMPS board and RepRapDiscount full graphic controller, so I figured that it would be an easy swtich based on the info I found here.

I am hoping someone out there can help me a bit… did I make a mistake in the way that I set things up? My display is puking gibberish all the sudden. The only way I could get Marlin to compile was-

  1. In Configuration.h I made the declaration

  2. I created an entry in boards.h
    #define BOARD_PICA 184 // PICA Shield (rev C or later)

  3. in pins.h i added -
    #elif MB(PICA)
    #include “pins_PICA.h” // ATmega2560

  4. crated a pin_PICA.h with the definitions that Marty provided on his Tindie site.

Only after doing all that could I get Marlin to compile.

After uploading it, I got a garbled display- it was like the h-sync was off. Per a previous post, I re-compiled after commenting out the line in ultralcd_st7920_u8glib_rrd.h It was a line 40 in mine-

//set optimization so ARDUINO optimizes this file
// #pragma GCC optimize (3)

Everything seemed to work until some random point a little later and then printer started puking gibberish on the dispaly- https://imgur.com/x1PlBdp
The one character seems to be Japanese? A moment prevous to this it was the normal Infoscreen with XYZ posistion and temps and fan and the like.

I can post up the configs, but did not want to clutter the site or posts.

Other bits that might be relavent- Arduino IDE 1.8.5, my main libraries are current. U8g2 is 2.22.18. I have a Z probe on Zmin.

Did I make a mistake configuring Marlin?