Print shifting or failing at random times


Hi guys.

This week I started having issues with my prints. When printing the layer would shift and then carry on printing and then later shift again. This was happening along the x axis so I replaced the x and y stepper drivers and even the x motor.
Now when I am printing a circle shape the first layers are ok but all of a sudden it will fail and print in a straight line then try to continue printing the circle but now it is completely off from where it needs to be. This might happen on layer 2-3 or around layer 10-20 so not consistent that I would think its in the print file. Also the point where it starts printing wrong also varies.

Things I have tried
Replace x and y stepper drivers.
Replace x motor.
Adjusted tension on belts.
Reflashed firmware.

I am printing from SD card an its the same file I have been using for a while with no problems.

Any help or ideas please.

Side not I do the Library updates in arduino but is there specific version that should be used when compiling?


So I managed to fix the problem.
I did a few things all at once so not sure what was the cause.

Adjusted the Vref volts on all the stepper drivers.
Changed the acceleration form 3000 to 1000
xy Jerk from 10 to 5
Removed all cable connection on board and checked cables.
Adjusted tension on belts


I bet it was the voltage.
I also had issue with lost steps and just a few more volts and the problem was solved.

Might check bearings too, sometimes they go bad and will bind “just enough” to miss a step or two.