Print Speed Settings?


What speed do you print with? I’ve been using 45mm/s for default and 20mm/s for very detailed printing. I’ve got some bigger prints coming up, and could use some suggestions on what works. The parts I’m planning on printing are not very detailed.



I’m not usually in a big hurry so I go at 45mm/sec too. I’ve been meaning to do some torture tests where I run the speed much faster until things stop working but haven’t gotten to it. If anybody has any experiences along those lines please share them!


I “destroyed” my Y axis trying to print Honeycomb at 80mm/s. Problem wasn’t much the speed, but the dreaded honeycomb. They look cool and are definitely solid, but they move so much faster while printing infill, it shake the whole machine badly.

But on a positive note, I printed one of those geared heart yesterday at about 65mm/s ( and it turned out great. The surface quality isn’t the best, but as you can see it’s quite “OK”.

I mainly print functional parts and I wan’t them fast, so my print speed isn’t the best if you want perfectly smooth surface and what not.

By the way, this is done on a Wilson TS, so should be better on a Wilson 2.


I print at 45mm/sec. Would like to go faster but haven’t done much testing so very interested to hear how fast others can push their machines.


I’ve been printing at 45 mm/s as well. I did a conservative speed test last night for this solder cableholder. Was trying to print slow where it matters and fast on the inner walls and infill to reduce print time but it didn’t really shave off much time. Printed in 134 minutes instead of 155 minutes at the standard 45 mm/s.

Experimental Cura settings:
layer height: 0.2 mm
shell thickness: 0.8 mm
bottom/top thickness: 0.6 mm
infill: 20%
print speed: 60 mm/s
travel speed: 100 mm/s
bottom layer speed: 30 mm/s
infill speed: 80 mm/s
top/bottom speed: 40 mm/s
outer shell speed: 40 mm/s
inner shell speed: 0.0 (defaults to print speed I believe)

Results were acceptable. There were a bit of layer separation but I believe that was due to me oiling the extruder idler while printing. The retraction squeak was getting to me.

I’m considering putting the printer on some rubber pads and bolting it down to see if I can reduce some of shakes at higher speeds.