Replacing binder clips with swiss clips


I recently acquired some of these Swiss Clips (used for picture framing) to try instead of the traditional paper binder clips for holding the glass onto the heat bed. They are really nice because there’s hardly any of the clip sticking up into the way of the hot end or any wires to catch on.

The only catch with using these is the glass sheet needs to be the same width as the heatbed - much narrower and the clip won’t be able to grab it. I found that 12" x 8 3/8" worked well.

I’m going to start including these with kits instead of the binder clips I think - they cost a little more but worth it if they don’t catch the occasional hot end passing too close.


Looks good, I should have waited so I could get these. One week early…


They do look nice. I think you can pick those up anywhere they sell picture framing supplies if you want to update your kit, @Garfath11.

The handles of the binder clips can also be removed to reduce the profile.