Servo doesn't work with Rambo 1.3


I’m using a Rambo 1.3 board instead of RAMPS. The firmware is mjrice’s most recent Wilson firmware.

I have the autobed leveling working with the exception of the servo. Reading around the internet I’ve learned you have to connect to the PWM header, and change servo0 in pins.h to pin 5. When the printer is turned on the servo gets really warm but never moves. This makes me think it’s getting some sort of signal, but not the signal I’m expecting.

Here is how I think everything should work (but doesn’t). If someone has any experience with this or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

 |          |          |
GND        5V        SIGNAL

 |          |          |          |          |          |
5V         GND        PIN3       PIN4       PIN5       PIN6

So I have:
Servo 5V (middle wire) to PWM 5V
Servo GND to PWM GND
Servo SIGNAL to PWM Pin5

Here is an Image that I hope explains what I wrote above.


In your configurtion.h, what do you have for the line “#define SERVO_ENDSTOPS”? The reason I ask, is that depending on when you cloned the source code it may be set to servo 2, not servo 0.

#define SERVO_ENDSTOPS {-1, -1, 0}