Setting origin offset


As I move towards larger prints that require more of the bed, I am forced to deal with a problem I ignored for earlier small prints. when probing the bed, the extruder starts very close to the left side (the side with electronics) and stops about 3/4ths of the way across the bed.

My question is this: is there gCode to combat this issue? An “x-offset”? What would be the easiest way (save taking apart the machine and moving the bed over) to fix this problem?

EDIT: I tried a print that comes very close to the edge of the virtual bed, and it ended up running off of the side of the bed in reality.


You’re looking for M206 (set offset, can be negative) and M500 (save to eeprom).

Here’s a good article explaining it. (Don’t mess with the Z, just apply the concept to your X or Y)