Silc3r Settings


Does anyone have some suggestions for Slic3r settings to get me started? Or should use Cura?

How to prevent printer from destroying itself?

I use Cura, but Slic3r is probably also a good choice. Cura is just so much faster to slice, and it seems to do a better job in some cases. I’ve been meaning to do a video of Cura basic settings, but in the meantime, I’ve pushed screenshots of my cura settings into github. Many of the settings are the same in slic3r so perhaps this will help you get started:


+1 for a video mjrice.


Would love a video on Cura settings!! Getting the parts together now to build my Wilson II, already got the plastic parts in red from mjrice.


Any chance anyone might be able to help me with Cura? I recently finished building my Wilson ii kit, and whilst the test print on the SD card prints absolutely fine, I haven’t been able to successfully set up my own print yet.

As far as I can see I have used the settings shown above by Marty, except for setting the layer height to 0.4 and lowering print speed as I want to see how detailed I can go (maybe too much for a first print?)

The issue I’m having is that whilst Marty’s print file runs nicely through the bed leveling and centers everything before putting away the probe, my code struggles with the leveling and then has the probe extended when it goes to print meaning every time I have to kill the power before the print begins. (this isn’t using the servo but the newer system Marty designed).

Any help would be really appreciated.


Theres a little bit of GCODE that Marty uses at the beginning of his prints to reset the print head, you can copy it from the test print on the SD card and put it in your cura settings like so.

I would also suggest lowering layer height to something like 0.1mm, it greatly increases detail. I also changed the shell thickness to 1.2 so that it is divisible by the nozzle size, to make the print more efficient.

I also think that Marty’s extruder heat (210ºC) is too low for the “test PLA” included, I have had much better success with 215ºC. For detailed prints (like 3DBenchy) I set the speed down to 30 mm/s

(Here are my basic settings, if you want to take a look)

Any of this could be wrong, if someone with more experience could correct me I would appreciate it


Thanks so much, I will try this tonight. Thanks for your help.