Size vs Printable Area


Using the BOM spreadsheet, various dimensions are given out when you select your build size.

My questions is, how much “spare area” is in the Wilson II design? For example, if I input 300mm^3 as my print area, does the z axis jam up right at 300mm layer height? Or is there extra room and how much?

The reason I’m asking is I actually want to if possible build it in such a fashion that the entire 300mm is actually printable. I know the new bed probe setup eats up a few mm here and there, but is it of any real concern? Also is this assuming you print straight to the edge or should the bed glass be sightly over-sized as well?

I’m just trying to source together parts for a printable area of 12"^3 (305mm^3). If anyone has suggestions on common parts to use I’d appreciate it as well.


The X and Y dimensions are slightly larger than the 200 x 300 spec, so you ought to be able to get right up to those. The Z axis is going to come up a little shorter than what the spreadsheet calculates, because of the loss of about 5mm from the new bed leveling mechanism, so I would add some extra to that if you want to really get to the max. At the time I tested the original Wilson II, the Z axis was literally at the very top, probably not even 1mm to spare.