Still having issues getting uniform bed


After a couple of weeks of tinkering around, I stills seem to be getting uneven first layer prints. It appears this is affecting later layers (but maybe not?).

New photo by Chris Gammell

I figured in the above picture that the bed leveling would get it so there would be a uniform first layer. Are there other adjustments I could/should be using in order to get the first layer to look really uniform?


I had the same exact issue yesterday because my 4mm PEI bed wasn’t clipped properly to my pcb heater.
I’m using 9 points bed leveling and it can’t deal with that kind of “kink” in the bed.

Try to make sure you’re bed is flat all around, I had to use a total of 9 clips around my bed to make it flat. You don’t have to level it perfectly if you’re using auto bet leveling, but it’s not a bad idea to have it close to perfect :smile:


Chris, just to be sure - is your firmware issuing the G28 command at the start of the print? In other words, does it actually probe the center of the bed followed by the four other points before it starts printing?


It does, every time. I just think it might be the other issues I’m having with the z-arm. Perhaps installing the new endstop switch I got will remedy some of this. Will replace it and update soon.