Titan extruder setup


I have replaced my direct drive extruder with a clone Titan. Can anyone who is running a Titan extruder post what changes you had to make in the firmware in order to get it running properly?

I have been messing unsuccessfully with the e-step setting but I can’t get it to push filament.

When the pinch roller is pushing filament into the drive gear, the motor just buzzes stalled. I haven’t got a spare Polulu driver to try yet.

The motor is the genuine one recommended by (and from) E3D.
I get the impression the extruder is stepping too fast. The three small driver switches are all in the on position.



First check weather you have a 1.8deg or 0.9 deg stepper motor. See the wiki and it tells you the numbers. If the numbers don’t match then google the numbers on the stepper motor and you will find the answer.

Steps per mm for 1.8deg = 418.5
Steps per mm for 0.9deg = 837

Now this is for x16 micro stepping as in A4988 driver.

If you have x32 micro stepping with a DR8825 driver, then just double the steps per mm above for which motor you have.

If you have these seem right and still have issues… then there are only a few other things.

Wires… make sure you have a good connection. The wires are also have to the right order as they are in pairs for each coil in the motor. generally its Green and Black as one pair and Blue and Red as the other pair. if they are not they will buzz or more erratic etc.

Vref on the driver might need to be adjusted.


If you are using 0.9 motor, +32 microsteps, +titan you might hit some issues with marlin overflowing… I’d reccomend 16 microsteps at first.

Do you a have Pica or ramps setup? Many cheap ramps boards those jumpers do nothing :frowning:


I have a 12v PICA board , the motor is a 0.9 /step driven by an A4988 the three DIP switches underneath are all set to ON. I think this means 16 micro-steps is enabled. I measured Vref at 1.24 volts on the original driver. I found that I had a spare driver and installed it. Vref on it is 0.880v. Still no motor power.

The motor was supplied to me by an E3D dealer here in Canada.
It is a Motech motor and looks to be genuine E3D kit.

I did have the correct Estep setting at +837 as Ant0ny suggested. I measured the motor coil resistances at 2.8 ohms which includes the resistance of the connecting cable , I bought the cable direct from the E3D store.

I have extra cables and I have swapped out the cable to no effect.

I plugged in the original direct drive extruder and the motor in it spins happily with the pinch roller engaged.

I’m leaning towards the idea that the E3D slimline motor is a bad one.

I think my next step is to swap it out.

I will report my progress (or lack of it) here… :slight_smile:


Yeah well you seem to have everything right and done any steps I would to check. There is nothing to suspect other than the motor.

You could use your motor from the other extruder on the Titan… may be a 1.8deg step but it will work and you would have to change the steps per mm in the firmware.

But yeah unlucky… as I have never come across a duff stepper motor and every time I think I do, it ends up being the cable or driver.


It turned out to be a bad motor. After after farting around swapping wire positions in the cable connector I got it so it stepped okay and when torqued with finger power, seemed to have reasonable holding torque. However when it was in the extruder and the pressure roller was turned up to grab the filament, the motor failed to feed. So it looked like it had holding torque but no stepping torque.

I swapped it out for a larger motor and it’s feeding just fine. E3D say the little Motech MT-1701 12.7 N-cm has adequate torque for the job, but this one didn’t.
I have ordered a slightly stronger motor to replace it. An MT-1703 which has 35 N-cm torque.
I am hoping for better luck with it.
The dealer has offered to take it back for a full refund if it’s bad, and a refund minus shipping costs it they decide it’s good. Which is very fair considering I bought it almost three months ago. I wonder how thoroughly they will test it though. If they just watch it spin and call it good, then I will be just passing along the problem to the next user.
So I might just chuck it out. Thanks for the help.