What Program are you using to create an STL from the sketchup files?


Hey Marty, I’ve been trying to modify the new power supply mount (which is a great design). I made some modifications in sketchup but can’t for the life of me figure out how to slice it correctly. I’m using Simplify3d. I noticed that even when I download the sketchup file, export it as an STL with no modifications, I’m still getting errors in simplify3d. I tried meshmixer, and netfabb for repairs and still errors. Specifically, small areas around the power receptacle always seem to be missing.


@toadguy I’m run the STL from sketchup through netfabb, since sketchup is so terrible about generating weird internal faces. What kind of errors do you get in S3D? I just started using it myself, and I just sliced the STL file for the power mount but I didn’t notice any problems (it is actually printing now).


Apparently, I also don’t know how to use sketchup. I realized there were some stray edges, internal faces and reverse faces in the model. I used solid inspector2 plugin in sketchup and it fixes all those errors automatically. I ran it through netfabb automatic repair and then it fixed everything. If you were curious, below is what is looked liked before and after being fixed with netfabb (and without solid inspector2).

I made a modification so that I could easily manage the wires of my mean well NES-350-12 power supply. the terminals are perpendicular to the back of the unit instead of parallel like in your wiring example. I created holes so that wires could run out the side of the mount. It’s not pretty but it should work. Here’s what I made: