What suppliers do you use for your 1.75 mm filament - abs & pla? Cheap vs higher quality? Any opinions/suggestions appreciated


I found one supplier that sold good quality filament either on a spool or unspooled, in a coil, which was WAY cheaper than the spooled product, like crazy less. Can’t remember who it was. I’d appreciate any suggestion as to which brand to buy, and opinions on cost vs ease of use, print quality, etc. TIA for any help.


Here are some PLA providers that I personally like, in no particular order: Hatchbox, MatterHackers, JustPLA, and ProtoParadigm. They are all pretty good in my opinion. I’ve never bought filament not on a spool, which honestly sounds like it would be a hassle to use.


Thanks Marty. I figured I’d print a spool, or rig something. The price difference was like 30%. I’ll check out the vendors you suggested. I appreciate it.


For any Canadian reading this thread, I’ve been using MG Chemical filament from Amazon.ca for almost a year now. It’s pretty good, never gave me any trouble what so ever. Both PLA and ABS.

I haven’t tried anything else (maybe I’m missing on premium filament?) but for $28 CAD per kilo, it’s very decent!


I’m trying to buy filament made in the USA. Maker Geeks has good stuff (I have 4 rolls, 2 more ordered). They have a little problem filling all orders quickly, I think they are very busy, and a small company. The do respond very well via e-mail. I’m going to try Coex next. I have a couple of Hatchbox. I love their blue color. Made in China though. You should try some of the sampler packs from Amazon. I’ve tried Rigid and Sunwing ROSH, both print fine. I also have a roll of C&E, only maroon color I could find. Expensive ($60/kilo), but very tight tolerances. Prints well. I guess I’m easy and have add no problems with any inks I’ve purchased…


Try protoparadigm - they have made in the USA filament very reasonably priced.


Oh, thanks. I like their $5/200g spools. Great way to try out their colors.


I buy from Folgertech. Their PLA is very inexpensive and I’ve printed several items with their black and clear with no issues. They seem to take a few days to process an order – a small outfit and not too speedy.

But I live in NH and can also pickup without incurring shipping costs so they’re especially economical for me.

Anyhow – they seem like a good option thus far for PLA and possibly ABS.


Thanks everyone for your input. I’ve just ordered 1 kg each of PLA and ABS from MakerGeeks. I read very positive reviews online on their product so I decided to give it a try. They are less than 200 miles from me so their free UPS ground shipping will be 1 or 2 days. They make their own filament and guarantee satisfaction. I’ll post back after I get up and running. I still haven’t built my Wilson II yet but will be starting the build shortly.