Where do you get your parts from


Hello mrice,

first of all I wanted to thank you for making such a neat design for a 3d printer.
I am wondering though where (and exactly which) parts are you getting for your preassembled kit.

I am especially interested in the heatplate, glass bed, stepper motors, alu extrusion, smooth rods, electronics.

I’ve tried to make a parts list of all of those but I am always ending up with a price that is way too high.

On a side note: The 3d printed parts you sell are made out of PLA. Are there any heat implications with the printer?

Could you help me out?


I can say my Wilson TS PLA part didn’t have any trouble for almost a year of use.

You should definitely print some replacement for key part like X tensionner and anything that are close to moving part like bearings. At least that’s what I should have done.

If you plan to build an enclosure, I don’t know how well the PLA part will be in there. I reprinted most of my printer in ABS for this reason.


Did you have trouble with temperature and the parts getting soft? That is my main concern right now.


I had issue when I started printing ABS. I made my own sensor mount and it swagged a little. But this is because I’m using a J-head. Everything was fine after I added a cooling fan to the J-head

The Wilson 2 use a E3D hot end which include a cooling fan.

I can’t see and other part that was problematic temperature wise.


I’ve purchased everything through Amazon, over the course of a few months. Takes patients though :smile: