Wilson I to II upgrade kit?


A question for Marty. Any plans to offer a Wilson I to II upgrade parts kit? I can reuse most of the h/w such as the 2020 beams, some screws and nuts, electronics motors, and such. (Might need new belts if the lengths have increased). I can print my own new parts. Would need the 10mm rods and bearings, two more 2020 beams, extra long screw and spring for the extruder, the two 8mm lead screws and top bearings, springs for the new Z end stop auto level ‘switch’, etc.


I was working on “porting” the Wilson II part to use 8mm rods and most of Wilson TS part, but in the end I “re-designed” the whole thing to be more of a small Taz 3 printer.

It re-use most of the part from the TS, but you need another set of extrusion for the XZ “box”, some nuts and bolt and a tap (could be homemade since it’s aluminium).

I’ll try my best to post the part online soon if anyone is interested.
I have yet to assemble the printer using the new parts.