Wilson II Kits Sold Out?


I’ve been thinking about buying or building a 3D printer for quite some time and I’ve looked at a lot of different kits but I can’t find anything I like quite as well as the Wilson II. Unfortunately I noticed on your site that the kits are sold out.

Do you plan to create more and if so when?


Yes, sorry about the shortage. Enthusiasm for the kits has been high and so I’m trying to make as many as possible each week. I will be making a few more available today. Thanks!


Great and thanks for getting back to me. I’m not quite ready to buy but hope to have the funds soon. I was concerned when I saw that everything was sold out on your site. It gave the site kind of a dead look and I couldn’t find any contact info (until I found the forum of course) so I was concerned.

Compared to anything else I’ve found in found in the price range, or even a bit higher priced, you have a VERY nice setup.