Wilson TS - Aluminium Y Carriage


I’ve finally had time to get my Aluminium Y Carriage and bed laser cut and wanted to share my design for anyone interested.

You can find it here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1486606

If anyone is interested, it wouldn’t be hard to design a similar one for Wilson 2, in 200x200 or 200x300.

Let me know and I’ll deliver asap.


I’ve been looking for aluminum Y carriage for the Wilson II (200 x 300). Where did you get this made?

I’ve also been considering something like this (http://www.amazon.com/SCS10UU-Linear-Motion-Bearing-Bushing/dp/B00AUBF1I0), but I’m not sure if the extra weight would have an adverse affect on print quality.



I’ve discovered that my brother in law work in the metal industry and got a contact for a laser cutter. He hooked me up with the guy and it was easy to send him the DXF.

I can try making a Wilson 2 version real quick, but it will have to wait until the end of the week at best.



While i was building the Wilson II I had already decided that I wanted an aluminium build-plate and lower support plate.

I originally was going to use 6mm for the lower and then 3mm for the upper but after getting them cut using the sizes from Martin’s drawing i found that the 6mm was to heavy and would cause the Y carriage to have momentum and this showed up in the prints. so it got swapped out for 3mm and it is perfect.

The top build plate has a 300w 12v Silicon pad heater from Keenovo (very fast at supplying and can do almost any shape size or wattage) which in turn is controlled by a DC to DC Solid state relay (very easy mod).

Total cost, well the only things I had to buy was the heated pad and the relay(Know someone who owns a fab shop that uses water jetting :wink:)


So out of interest sakes are you guys still using the printed ybed slider? Why dont we use the bearings in the aluminium housing instead of that? Imo it would be more durable than a printed item


I used the printed Y - bed slider simply because it was easier just to drill four mounting holes through the bottom sheet of aluminum using the slider as a template than trying to line up four slider bearings.

There are six holes between the top bed and the lower but I only use the four corners (in a rush to get printing but will install the last two soon).

Dave J


I understand that but long term use wouldn’t that printed part be susceptible to deformation?


I’m using printed bearing holders because I didn’t have any other part at hands. If I was rebuilding a new printer, I’d probably go for SC8UU since they sell for so cheap now.

Side note, I haven’t got time to make a new version of the bed for Wilson 2. I’ll try to get it done asap :confused:


I’ve made a Wilson 2 version of the carriage and bed.

Haven’t tested it, you might want to try to get cheap plywood laser cutting or a paper template.