WTB Wilson II Is there 1 in stock?


Hi Marty,
I went to reprapwilson.com and the domain has expired. Just now, I think, since I could get to it earlier today. The Tindie site is up and said you have one in stock of each, blue and green, but when I started to order, I got a button that said join waiting list. If I order, when can I expect to get one? Is there way to contact you directly?


Hi Dave, the domain issues should be fixed now, although I am out of stock of kits at the moment. I usually don’t put items “in stock” unless I can ship them within 3 days of order, and at the moment I’m not sure when that will be but perhaps just a few more days if material arrives on time.


Sold! Thanks Marty! I’m excited to get this. I ordered within one minute of getting a Tindie notice that you had one available. :smile: Thanks for all your hard work and contributing so much to the field. In addition to a great design at an excellent price, your videos, documentation and customer service are worthy of the highest praise. Can’t wait!