X-axis ends and carriage dimension question


Hi All

I am having trouble with very loose fit of the LM10UU bearings into the x-idler and x-motor ends. Fit into the x-carriage is perfectly snug.

taking a closer look at the model files, I’ve found the I.D. of the x-ends is 19.8mm and the carriage is 19.0mm, which explains my issue. My bearings measure 19.00mm +/- 0.00/0.01mm

Is this by design? Unfortunately the sketchup x-end models in github



never mind, I found the .scad model files and used openSCAD to generate new .stl files with “bearing_cut_extra = 0.0”



Having the same issue… is there a hack to keep the LM10UU bearings in place after the fact ( after its built) ?

maybe superglue the outer metal rings on the bearings to the ABS plastic maybe?

any suggestions…?


Wrap masking tape a couple turns around each bearing, that should snug them up if they are too loose.


Great idea @mjrice… will do…thanks


Had the same problem… I used a heat gun and heated up the bearing holder and squeezed it till it cooled… now they are snug


The tape worked for me as well, thanks!