X-carriage stl is 'broken' (both old and new)


When assembling the original x-carriage (not with the rack/pinion), The right (from the front) belt post broke off easily. Glued it back on, didn’t think much about it. Looking at the new one when setting up to print it, I noticed that right post is not attached correctly to the model. These screen shots are from Simplify3d, the left post then the right. This is apparent in the slicer for a Fortus 250mc also. Ok, only the second problem image, new users can’t post 2 images.


Nice catch @LogicalChaos - I have fixed it and pushed the new X carriage up to github. On a side note, how do you like Simplify3d? I’ve been thinking of investing in that for a long time.


Well worth the $$. I’m using it on a M3D, so half the cost of the printer :slight_smile: They’ve been responsive to ‘bugs’ (my problems). Lots of options, and IMHO easier to configure than Cura and Slic3r. Has a nice printer control panel also, and can print direct to the printer. Really nice when setting up a new printer (my Wilson2 monster).