Z mods required?


Hey there!
Looking at the most popular mods for the wanhoa i3 (which of course has a similar geometry), the z brace pops up a lot. The before and after are quite good.

Since I mostly print small trinkets, I have not experienced any real problems yet, but a engineering friend suggested I must add something like this to my printer.

Has someone already designed something similar, or should I design my own? Do you think we should even need this?

If I were to do it, I will add an extrusion under the y-end parralel to the x-axis and make a crossbeam to the upper (or middle) part of the z-axis with another aluminium extrusion (I bought loads too much) or threaded rod. Which one would you advise?


On a Wilson TS this was a normal mod, but on the Wilson 2 I don’t think you need such a brace as the whole frame is more “boxy” than before. It support itself from 4 points instead of 2 (if that make any sens).


I was wondering this also… Wouldnt adding a second horizontal aluminum extrusion piece (very top of x axis above extruder) make the frame a lot more stiff?

Similar to the taz printer frame which

Or would adding another support piece reduce printable area or have some other downside I’m not seeing?