Z Pinion .8mm below print head when up


Has anyone else had this problem? My print head is an E3D Lite6, total height is 62.6mm. When I raise the pinion, it still protrudes .8mm below the print head. I’ll shave off that part of the pinion for now, but it seems that I’d need a different extruder part that holds the head lower to the bed. Am I missing something?


Marty did say that he “had to lower the hot end about 5mm so that it was below the position of the pinion apparatus when it’s retracted.”

Try using the new x carriage https://github.com/mjrice/Wilson2/blob/master/stl/extruder-direct-drive.stl


I missed that. So how would you lower the hot end, without re-printing the extruder piece? Or is that in the new extruder assembly?

Unfortunately, I am already. Using both the new x-carriage and extruder-direct-drive.


@LogicalChaos yep, like @Rockey said you will need to print the new extruder body in order to lower the nozzle.


I am using the new extruder body. It has the 1.75 printed on the side.


Hmm… does the bottom-right corner of your extruder mounting plate have a beveled, or sharp edge? When i dropped the hot end down to accommodate the pinion, I notched that corner as a way to visually recognize the newer model


Things that make you go hmmmm… It does not. I guess that means I got an older version. I know the original you posted didn’t have the filament diameter on it. The next one did, and a third one that I missed. Opps. I must of pulled and printed between 1/25 and 2/21, but thought I had the update. Oddly, the correct x-carriage and rack & pinion were there. Don’t know what I may of done to get 2/3’s correct. I did get the clearance I needed by shaving off a portion of the pinion, but would like more clearance than I currently have. I’ll print another with the new printer :slight_smile: